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Why everup

At everup, we’re tackling the cost of living crisis with innovative solutions. Our mission is to empower you to build a safety net for unforeseen expenses and grow your savings through our distinctive programs.

Turn everyday spending into savings with everup. Our unique gift card program not only changes how you pay for goods and services but also grants you free entries into our exciting competitions. Win big with prizes like cash and fully loaded Gift Cards.

We’re proud of our impact: over £250,000 in cash and prizes awarded! As everup evolves, our commitment to our community stays strong. We align our growth with your needs and dreams.

Join the EverUp revolution — a new chapter in gamified finance that’s accessible to all. Remember, you never use your own money to play. All our competitions are completely free!

Who we are

Key Executives


Giuseppe Caltabiano

CEO and Co-founder

Egi Messito

COO and Co-founder

Sergio Miguel

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