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Why everup

At everup, we’re developing tools to combat the cost of living crisis. We empower individuals to prepare for unexpected expenses and cultivate savings through our unique programs.

Our goal is simple: transform everyday saving and spending into opportunities for our users. Whether you set money aside or use Everup to pay, you get entries into our free competitions, where fantastic prizes like game consoles, coffee machines, TVs, and other home appliances await.

To date, we’ve awarded over £250,000 in cash and prizes. Our ‘Happy Winners’ section bears witness to our dedication. As we grow, we remain deeply committed to our community, ensuring that our business remains in harmony with the needs and aspirations of our users.

Join us in pioneering a new, inclusive era of gamified finance.

Who we are

Key Executives


Giuseppe Caltabiano

CEO and Co-founder

Egi Messito

COO and Co-founder

Sergio Miguel

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