Competition Rules

Last Updated: 02/07/2021

These Competition Rules apply to all Competitions that are made available via our Services. We may update these Competition Rules from time to time. It is very important that you check each relevant section of these Competition Rules before participating in any Competition, as by entering the Competition you agree to be bound by and comply with the most current version of these Competition Rules. Any changes that are made to these Competition Rules will not apply to Competitions that you entered before the changes came into effect.

None of our Competitions are sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with, Google, Apple or any other app store providers.

These Competition Rules form part of our Terms of Service. By participating in any Competition, you also agree to be bound by and comply with our Terms.

Terms that begin with capital letters (defined terms) have the meanings that are given to them in these Competition Rules or, if they are not defined in these Competition Rules, they have the meanings that are given to them in the Terms. These Competition Rules are split into the following sections:

  • Section 1: Coin Rules – these apply to your use of Coins on our Service
  • Section 2: Lottery Rules – these apply each time you participate in a ‘lottery’ Competition
  • Section 3: Wheel of Fortune (or Instant Spin) Rules – these apply each time you participate in an ‘Instant Spin’ Competition
  • Section 4: Raffle Rules – these apply each time that you participate in a ‘raffle’ Competition
  • Section 5: General Rules – these apply to every Competition that you participate in

Please read the description on each Competition page carefully as this will tell you which sections of these Rules apply to the Competition.

1. Coin Rules

This section (“Coin Rules”) applies to: (a) our allocation of Coins to your Profile; and (b) your use of Coins on our Service.

1.1. Earning Coins

a) Each time that you transfer money to your Electronic Money Account, we may credit a certain amount of Coins to your Profile. You can find out how many Coins you might have earned by going to the “Piggy Bank” section of our app and clicking on the “Winnings & Rewards” box.

b) Your Profile will also accrue Coins automatically based on the amount of funds in your Electronic Money Account at any given time at the daily rate published in the “Piggy Bank” section of our app. We may also credit Coins to your Profile as a prize for participating in a Competition.

c) It may take up to twenty-four (24) hours for Coin(s) to be credited to your Profile after you become eligible to receive them.

1.2. Using Coins

a) Coins can only be used to participate in Competitions via our Services.

b) Coins have no monetary value and cannot be traded or exchanged for money or money’s worth.

c) You must not sell, barter, trade or otherwise transfer Coins to any third party. We reserve the right to suspend or close your Profile if you do or attempt to do any of these things.

d) If you have played the Bonus Entry by participating in each Competition, one or more Coins are required to additionally participate in any and all Competitions on our Services.

e) Each Competition will specify the number of Coins that are required to participate in it. If your Coin Balance is sufficient, you can use your Coins to participate by pressing play and selecting the “use Coins” option on the relevant Competition page, and the requisite number of Coins will be deducted from your Coin Balance.

1.3. Coin expiry and cancellation

a) If your EverUp profile remains inactive for ninety (90) days or more, you will stop accruing new Coins until you log back into your Profile and redeem any unused Coins that remain in your Profile.

b) If your Profile is closed for any reason, any unused Coins in your Profile will be deleted and you may, at our discretion, not be able to claim them back if your Profile is reactivated within ninety (90) days of account closure.

2. Lottery Rules

This section (“Lottery Rules”) applies, together with the Coin Rules and General Rules, each time that you participate in any lottery Competition on our Services.

2.1. How to participate

a) Log in to your Profile on our app.

b) Go to the relevant Competition page.

c) Follow the on-screen instructions to select eight (8) numbers between 0 and 9 and one (1) bonus symbol (which may be a fruit or other visual icon) out of the six (6) available (“Pick“).

d) You can select your Pick manually by selecting “add choice”, or you can select the “pick for me” option to randomly select 8 numbers and a bonus symbol.

e) Once you have selected your Pick, confirm your selection by pressing “play for free’ or ‘play’.

f) You must confirm your Pick within the Competition Week (as described in clause 2.2 below). Selections made after the Competition Week starts will participate and be eligible to win a prize in the following Competition Week draw.

2.2. Competition Week: Each week you can participate in a lottery Competition between the following times:

a) Start time:  5:00:01 p.m. each Thursday.

b) End Time: 4:59:59 p.m. the following Thursday.

c) Weekly Draw: at or around 6p.m. on same Thursday as scheduled time. The draw processing starts 1 hour before its scheduled time. Customers entering the competition during the draw processing time will automatically enter the next available draw. As an example if the draw scheduled time is 6p.m. on Thursday, you will be able to enter such draw up and until 5p.m. of the same day. Any numbers played after 5p.m. will automatically enter the next available draw.

2.3. Winner Selection:

a) For each Weekly Draw for each Competition, eight (8) numbers between 0 and 9 and one (1) bonus icon are selected at random out of six (six) symbols (“Weekly Winning Combination”).

b) The Weekly Draws are operated by PIMS SCA, an independent third-party company using random number generator technology.

c) The Weekly Winning Combination will be notified via push notifications to all winning participants. (Permission is required to send push notifications to users. Push notifications is not a reliable mean of communication and that alone should not be relied upon as a way of receiving communication about winning numbers). You will also be able to check each Weekly Winning Combination under the “results” page of our app.

d) If your Pick matches the numbers and icons selected in the Weekly Winning Combination, you may be eligible to win a prize.

e) The top prize will be awarded to the user(s) whose Pick exactly matches the Weekly Winning Combination, and runners up prizes will be awarded to users whose Pick matches some but not all of the Weekly Winning Combination.

f) For each Weekly Draw, there are a capped number of prizes available. If the number of Picks that are eligible to win the same prize exceeds the cap for that prize, the prize will be split equally among the winning participants.

Winning Category Prize cap £
Match 4 £  250.00
Match 4+fruit £  500.00
Match 5 £  750.00
Match 5+fruit £  1,250.00
Match 6 £  2,500.00
Match 6+fruit £  2,500.00
Match 7 £  3,000.00
Match 7+fruit £  5,000.00
Match 8 £  10,000.00
Match 8+fruit £  1,000,000.00

g) Exact details of the prizes that you can win, and the number of matching numbers you need to select to win them, will be specified on the Competition page.

3. Wheel of Fortune (or Instant Spin) Rules

This section (“Wheel of Fortune or Instant Spin Rules”) applies, together with the Coin Rules and General Rules, each time that you participate in any Wheel of Fortune Competition on our Services.

3.1. How to participate

a) Log in to your Profile on our app.

b) Go to the relevant Competition page.

c) Spin the wheel by pressing “play for free” or “play” accordingly.

3.2 Competition Week: Each week you can participate in a Wheel of Fortune Competition between the following times:

a. Start Time: Friday at 12:00:01 a.m.
b. End Time: Thursday at 11:59:59 p.m.

3.3 Competition Day: On certain days, you may also be able to participate in a daily Wheel of Fortune Competition between the following times:

a. Start Time: 12:00:01 a.m.
b. End Time: 11:59:59 p.m. (unless all prizes are won sooner)

3.4 Winner Selection 

a) When you spin the wheel, it will land on an icon.

b) If it lands on a prize icon, you will receive an onscreen notification telling you that are eligible to win the prize indicated by the icon.

c) The icon on which the wheel lands on is determined by a random number generator.

d) Cash prizes are not available for Wheel of Fortune Competitions; only Coins can be won.

4. Raffle Rules

This section (“Raffle Rules”) applies, together with the Coin Rules and General Rules, each time that you participate in any raffle Competition on our Services.

4.1. How to participate. 

a) For any draw you will receive a free Bonus Entry unrelated to the Electronic Money Account. For any amount over £1 in your Electronic Money Account, you will automatically receive a Bonus Entry for each £1 of the amount, on each draw. Bonus Entries are limited to a cap indicated on the Competition page.

b) To boost your entries, simply go to the relevant Competition page, and select “Boost”. This feature will be released for a few hours after the last draw has happened.

4.2. Competition Day. Each day you can participate in a raffle Competition between the following times:

a) Start Time: on the day before the draw 17:00:01 p.m.

b) End Time: on the draw day 16:59:59 p.m.

4.3. Selection of Winners. 

a) Each raffle entry is allocated a unique reference number (“Raffle Reference“)

b) At each Weekly Draw, ten (10) raffle references are selected at random from all of the Raffle references allocated during that week.

c) If your Raffle Reference is selected, you will be eligible to win a prize.

d) Details of the prizes available each week are set out on the Competition page.

5. General Terms and Conditions

5.1. Restrictions on Entry.  No purchase is necessary to enter any of our Competitions. However, in order to enter a Competition, you must:

a) have an internet connection;

b) be a registered EverUp user with an active Profile;

c) have (i) a Coin Balance equal to or greater than the applicable Coin Requirement; or (ii) use the Bonus Entry awarded to you for each Competition;

d) be aged 18 or over at the time you enter the Competition;

e) be resident in Great Britain; and

f) not be an employee or be directly related to an employee

Unless specified otherwise on the relevant Competition page, you can participate in any Competition as many times as you like, subject to having the requisite Bonus Entries and/or Coin Balance.

5.2. Prizes

a) The Prizes for each Competition are specified on the Competition page.

b) Coins and Bonus Entries cannot be substituted for a cash alternative.

c) For some Competitions, we cap the number of prizes that will be awarded during a Competition Period/Competition Week. We always try to ensure that any cap we set is reasonable in order to avoid disappointment. However, sometimes the cap will be reached before the Competition Period/Competition Week closes.

d) Any applicable caps on the availability of prizes will be specified on the Competition Page. We will stop accepting entries if the cap has been reached.

e) No cash prizes will be awarded for wheel of fortune Competitions.

f) A list of recent winners is available in the “winners” section of our Services.

5.3. Claiming your Prize

a) We will always use reasonable endeavours to notify you that you are eligible to win a prize, however we are not responsible for any prize notifications that you do not receive if you fail to check the results page and/or fail to provide and maintain accurate and up-to-date contact information on your Profile.

b) If you win a cash amount as a result of a Bonus Entry play and you have not yet opened an Electronic Cash Account, you are required to run through our KYC process and open an Electronic Money Account in order to claim your win. Failure to do so will result in your winnings being void.

c) Prizes consisting of Bonus Entries, Coins and/or cash prizes under £1,500 will usually be transferred to your Profile automatically within 2-3 days of you winning the relevant Competition, provided that we have been able to verify that you were eligible to win the prize.

d) For cash prizes of over £1,500, you may be asked to submit a prize claim form including but not limited to the following documentation; a copy of your photo ID and proof of address so that we can verify that (a) you are the Profile holder and (b) you meet the eligibility requirements specified in these Competition Rules and the Terms. You will not be entitled to your prize, and your prize will be forfeited, if you fail to provide these documents when asked for them or we are unable to verify (a) and (b) with the documents that you do provide to us.

e) If you have not claimed your prize of over £1,500 within 10 days of winning the relevant Competition, by providing the required AML/ KYC screening documentation, you will no longer be eligible to receive the prize and the prize will not be awarded to you and, for lottery or raffle Competitions, we reserve the right to award the prize to an alternative winner selected at random from all valid entries submitted during the relevant Competition Week.

5.4. Winner Selection

a) We administer the selection of all winners using random number generator software.

b) You fully accept and agree that this random number generator software will determine all outcomes of those Competitions. In the event of a discrepancy between the results displayed on your device, and a Competition’s records on our server, our records will be regarded as definitive.

c) In the event of systems or communications errors relating to the generation of any result, bet settlement or any other element of a Competition, we will not be liable to you as a result of any such errors and we reserve the right to void all related bets and plays on the Game in question.

5.5 Consent to use your name

a) When you claim your prize, you consent to us publishing your name and home city on the “winners” page of our app and website.

b) You can withdraw this consent by contacting

5.6. Disqualified entries. We reserve the right to disqualify your entry and void any prize if we reasonably believe that:

a) you have tampered with the entry process or the operation of the Competition or entered by fraudulent means;

b) you have breached any applicable provision of our Terms (including these Competition Rules) or any Applicable Law;

c) you have, or have attempted to disrupt or undermine the legitimate operation of a Competition; or

d) you have abused, threatened or harassed any other user of the Services.

No entries from agents, third parties, syndicated entries or those made using methods such as a computer macro, script or the use of automated devices are permitted and no bulk entries are permitted.

5.7. Errors and discrepancies.

a) All times specified in these Competition Rules are in GMT (or BST, if daylight saving hours apply).

b) Our Service’s database clock will be the official timekeeper for all Competitions.

c) We are not responsible for any incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate, or untimely submission of entries, whether caused by you, our equipment or software, or by any technical or human error which may occur in the processing of the entries in the Competition.

d) We accept no responsibility or liability for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, theft or destruction, or unauthorized access to, or alteration of entries.

e) In the event of a dispute over the identity of a winning participant, we will deem the winner to be the authorized account holder of the email address associated with the Profile from which the entry was submitted. In this context, “Authorized account holder” is the natural person who is assigned to an email address by an internet access provider, on-line service provider, wireless carrier, or other organization that is responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain associated with the submitted email address.

5.8. Liability

a) The limits of our liability to you and your liability to us in relation to any Competition are set out in clauses 11 to 13 of the Terms. Please read those clauses very carefully as they affect your legal rights, remedies and obligations.

b) The Competitions are not provided, managed, administered or operated by our Partner Institution(s).  You acknowledge that our Partner Institution(s) shall not have any liability to you in connection with any Competition that you enter via our Services.

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