EverUp: Spend. Play. Win | The only debit card that can make you a Millionaire

Spend.Play.Win with your everup Debit Card

Card spending rewards boosted

Spin and win with the UK’s first Prize-Linked Debit Card. Forget points, air miles or regular old reward systems.

This is the only debit card that can make you a millionaire.

Have fun getting rewarded
(Available from 23/02/2023)


Crypto Prizes are here

Spin the wheel to win a whole Ethereum ETH or even a Bitcoin BTC. Crypto without the risk. Just spin and win.


There is a Spin for everything

The higher the purchase you make the higher are the Coins you get and the wheel you can spin. Prizes change every time somebody wins.


Pay & Win

You could win up incredible prizes with our wheels, like a gaming console, a laptop or a new mobile phone!


What are the prizes?

Virtual Coins, Cash, tech gadgets or home appliances, 1 Ethereum ETH and 1 Bitcoin BTC.


Like Raffle?

Card users get a 2X Daily Raffle booster auto-play on their cash account. No need anymore to boost manually. The card program does it automatically for you. On top you also automatically enter an exclusive Debit Card Raffle with amazing prizes each week.


Access to More Games & Special Deals

Card customers will have access to the new Lima, Berlin and Sydney wheels as well as exclusive gamified Gift Card deals and the weekly Debit Card Raffle.

How it works

Shop as usual, play and earn rewards



Shop with your everup debit card at any retailers.



Spin Lima, Berlin or Sydney whenever you want, using Coins earned anywhere in the app. Plus enter automatically the weekly Debit Card Raffle and boosted Cash account raffle.



You can win Coins, Cash, tech gadgets, home appliances plus 1 Ethereum (ETH) and 1 Bitcoin (BTC).

Quick FAQs

I made a transaction but it is not appearing in my list of transactions

Pull refresh the app from the Banking section or from the transactions list itself and it should pop up.

I cannot add the card to Apple Pay or Google Pay

We are working on a deal with both Apple and Google platforms to have our card added and pay for offline transactions too. If you are a Curve or Zilch user you can easily set up the everup card with them.

Can I make transactions in a foreign currency?

Yes, you can!

I want to cancel the card and issue a new one with a new card number

You can easily do this by accessing the Debit Card section and tapping on “Cancel Card”. Once the old card is cancelled you will still be able to see all the transactions of that card listed under that card’s section while the new transactions will be listed under the new card’s section. Cancelling the card does not cancel the subscription. In fact you can cancel and issue another card at any time. The membership remains unaffected unless you cancel it from the specific section.
The everup card is not a disposable card though and it should not be used as one, disposing and reissuing a card on every transaction.

I bought something and then got a refund. Will I still be eligible to receive the prize?

You would be eligible for the prize displayed. Refunded or reversed transaction will affect your coin balance as coins would be clawed back.

I bought something on Amazon but nothing is happening

Amazon does not charge immediately so you might be charged a bit later.

Where can I find the statement related to the transactions I made?

As it is your everup cash account that is being charged by the card spending, all the transactions will appear there as well as in the PDF statement.

PDF statement can be requested to our support team.

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