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Spend.Play.Win with your EverUp Debit Card

Card spending rewards boosted

Spin and win with the UK first Crypto Gamified Debit Card. Forget points, air miles or cashback as it is.

This is the only debit card that can make you a millionaire.

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Be rewarded for good financial behaviors.

No more debt payments or interest payments.

No hidden fees.

No credit checks and no impact on your credit score.

Have fun getting rewarded


Crypto Prizes

Spin the wheel to win sats (fractions of bitcoins), a whole bitcoin, raffle boosters, coins, NFTs and other prizes


Coins Drop & Raffle Ticket Awards

Win lots of coins and raffle tickets as you walk into the shops of our retail partners


Swipe & Win

You can win a full refund of your transaction - be it a cup of coffee, your bus commute or your monthly rent


Coin, Crypto & NFT drop

Coins, digital and physical prizes


Raffle Tickets

For a chance to win cash plus mystery prizes


Access to More Games & Special Draws

Lotto, scratch cards, raffles, wheels of fortune and more

How it works

Start playing and earning



Spend with your EverUp debit card at participating retailers



Spin the wheel after every purchase with your EverUp card



Win up to 100% cashback on every purchase, sats (fractions of bitcoin) or even a whole bitcoin, coins and many other prizes

EverUp’s prize-linked Debit Card guide

This guide goes into the details of our very first virtual debit card program!
We hope you’ll find this program as entertaining as it has been for us to create.

1. The Card is a virtual debit card and can only be used online.

2. As soon as you are eligible you’ll find a new section under the banking section. Tap on it and follow the instructions to activate your first card.

3. Apple Pay and Google Pay options are coming towards the end of the year. You’ll be able to add the card to Apple or Google to pay for app purchases and subscriptions.


4. Any purchase above £30.00 usually requires a two-factor authentication (TFA). Please make sure you set sound and memorable answers to your TFA questions when you onboard with the card program. Tip: avoid multiple words and stick with lower case and one word. The TFA may occasionally be triggered for transactions at lower amounts.

5. The limit of the card corresponds to the limit of your cash account. If you have the cash in your account, you can spend it!

6. The card is currently in free beta for selected customers. There are no subscriptions or charges.

7. Besides the wheel games, the card currently yields 100 coins per £1.00 spent on any purchase. Therefore, if you spend £100.00 you get 100,000 coins which can buy you 4 entries in the £1 Million Lotto draw we run every Thursday evening.

8. There are 3 wheel of fortune games connected to the card which will be unlocked when you use the card for purchases of at least £2.00:

  • Tier 1 game – Lisbon
    • Spin when you spend between £2.00 and £9.99
    • Coin reward only wheel
    • Special tier 1 prize. E.g. a Nutribullet.
  • Tier 2 game – Tokyo
    • Spin when you spend between £10.00 and £24.99
    • Coins and cash rewards wheel
    • Special tier 2 prize. E.g. a pair of Headphones
  • Tier 3 game- Paris
    • Spin when you spend over £25.00
    • Coins, cash and cashback wheel
    • Special tier 3 prize. E.g. a Phone

9. When you spin, if you land on a “ONE +” prize, it means you’ve won an extra spin!

10. To find out about your earned coins and unlocked games, tap on the card and then Card Transactions and then each specific transaction.


At this point you will be able to see the details of the transaction, the coins earned and the unlocked game.

In the example below the transaction of £54.34 was rewarded with 5,434 coins and unlocked one Paris Spin.

Tap on “Play Now” to play the game.


Below the card you will see an up-to-date list of special prizes for each game.


11. The odds of winning a special prize from each game are visible from the game interface itself via tapping on the green (i) icon on your right. The odds of winning the special prize may change from time to time to ensure that we have enough winners. Prizes themselves may also change from time to time!


12. Special prizes and their winners for the Tier 1, 2 and 3 spins will be announced via notifications and in-app carousels just as we currently do for the Tuesday and Friday Raffle draws.

13. All prizes, odds, terms and rewards may change at short notice while we tweak our way to a stable product.

14. How to play the games:

  • Pay for anything online and get it authorized. To find your card number, tap on the eye icon below the card itself and tap on the double squares icon to copy the number.
  • Wait for the purchase notification to pop up
  • Aside from the notification, you can always check under the Debit Card tab in the banking section for your Card Transactions.
  • Once the game is played, the award is attributed immediately and will be visible under Winnings & Rewards in the banking section of the app.
  • If you win a special prize, we will be notified as well and inform you in the same way we do with the Raffle prizes on Tuesdays and/or Fridays.

Coming soon

In our next release, every time a new debit card game is unlocked, it will become visible on the home page together with other games and disappear once it is played. As in this example below.


Quick FAQs

I made a transaction but is not appearing in my list of transactions

Pull refresh the app from the banking section or from the transactions list itself and it should pop up

Alternatively, it could be that the transaction is below the £2.00 threshold, in which case you are awarded virtual coins only and no spins.

I cannot add the card to Apple Pay or Google Pay

We are working on a deal with both Apple and Google platforms to have our card added and pay for offline transactions too. We hope to have this in place by the end of the year.

Can I make transactions in a foreign currency?

Yes, you can!

I want to cancel the card and issue a new one with a new card number

You can easily do that by accessing the debit card section and tapping on “Cancel Card”. Once the old card is cancelled you will still see all transactions of that card listed under that card’s section while the new transactions will be listed under the new card’s section.

I bought something and then got a refund. Will I still be eligible to receive the prize?

Such cases will be dealt with on a fair use basis. Therefore, for relevant prizes we may initiate a week’s delay before releasing them.

I bought something on Amazon but nothing is happening

Amazon does not charge immediately so you might be charged a bit later.

Where can I find the statement related to the transactions I made?

As it is your Everup’s cash account that is being charged by the card spending, all the transactions will appear there as well as in the PDF statement.
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