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Part 5 - Keeping Gambling in Check

Once a gambling problem takes hold of a person, it can be nearly impossible to keep it in check. After all, gambling is like any other addiction. It slowly takes over a person’s psyche, behavior, and actions. Eventually, it can be a destructive force that can lead to failed marriages, ruined families, and destroyed lives.

Getting help for a gambling problem starts with admitting that there is a problem. Once an individual can accept that they have a problem, it then becomes easier to seek help. The UK Gambling Commission has taken active steps toward providing information and access to help for anyone who may need it. Naturally, this help is available to the gambler and their loved ones. That way, they can seek help as needed. For instance, the national gambling helpline is a toll-free service that’s available 24 hours a day (0808 8020 133).

Also, help can be found online. The Gambleaware ( website provides free online resources for anyone seeking to get help with a gambling problem. This is a great place to start if you are looking to get more information on gambling addiction and how to combat it.

There are also various organisations in the UK that are devoted to helping people get a hold of any gambling problems. Here is a choice list of organisations dedicated to this endeavour.

  • Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust
  • The Christian Centre for Gambling Rehabilitation
  • Count Me Out
  • Gam-Anon
  • Gamblers Anonymous
  • Gamban
  • Gamblock
  • GamCare (national gambling helpline)
  • Gordon Moody Association

These organisations are all devoted to helping people recover from gambling addiction while also offering counselling services to those who are looking to get a hold of their gambling habits. These are non-profit organisations, so they offer support at no cost.

Also, local churches and religious groups offer counselling and support to individuals who wish to get their habits under control. It’s definitely worth checking out the services offered by local religious groups as they can be a source of both counselling and spiritual support.

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