The story behind EverUp

Our two founders Giuseppe and Egi are long-time friends.

They come from different backgrounds: Giuseppe spent 20 years working in the financial services industry, while Egi spent the same amount of time in the lottery and gaming industry.

They wanted to create something together that combined their different skills to help people in their daily lives. When talking about money and savings, they were frustrated by their experience in their respective industries. The financial services industry gives people automated or complicated tools to save, but none of them speak to your emotions or address humans’ desire to receive instant gratification. Meanwhile, the lottery and the gambling industries drain your money, rarely giving anything in return.

Giuseppe and Egi realised that one reason why people don’t save enough or waste money in gambling, is that saving is boring and requires self-control. They wanted to change that and make saving a fun thing to do. That’s where EverUp comes in.

Our culture

We are building a diverse, multicultural team, where everyone brings a different perspective. Our people come from different industries and experiences. Inclusion is the word we love the most: we are driven by financial inclusion, and we also want to create an inclusive work environment.

We want to foster a true customer-centric culture, where customer satisfaction and the fair treatment of our customers is central in how we think and behave. This is at the heart of our values at EverUp.

Meet the Board

Our Board


Miguel Ortiz

Non-Executive Chairman

Giuseppe Caltabiano

CEO and Co-founder

Egi Messito

COO and Co-founder
Meet the team

Our Team


Sergio Miguel


Ivo Kostadinov


Blerina Essen


Vafa Rezaei

Mobile Software Engineer

Jona Borishi

Software Developer

Dario De Sisto

Graphic Designer
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