Vision & Roadmap

Our Roadmap*

We are working hard to add:

POOL PLAY - play with friends to increase your chances to win

  • Pool Play where you get to play all the numbers you want together with that of your friends and increase your chances of winning
  • Team up with family and friends to win together
  • If one wins you are all winners


  • Save money plus boost your savings when you shop from our selected offers
  • Lots of delightful surprises for you!

PRIZE LINKED SAVINGS ACCOUNTS - easy access and/or notice

  • Saving accounts (easy access, notice) offered in partnership with third party UK banks*
  • Money protected by the FSCS
  • Designed for longer-term saving goals
  • Fixed automated entries proportional to £ saved
  • Never use your savings to play

*subject to successful agreements with third-party UK banks

Our vision

Our vision is to become a financial behaviour change platform, whose purpose is to help our customers manage their financial health by saving more, borrowing responsibly and repaying debt faster. This is to help borrowers slowly transition into savers and in doing so improving their retirement outlook.

We envision building a full-scale financial hub where our customers can manage all types of financial transactions – from savings to take out personal loans, while being rewarded for solidifying good financial behaviour through a novel prize-linked suite of savings and borrowing products.

We want to rethink savings and borrowing from the ground up to create fairer and better products, and nudge changes in people’s financial behaviour by using a mix of behavioural interventions and financial incentives.

We’d love to hear your feedback: let us know what you would like to see in EverUp.

Let’s build EverUp together!

What we launched

  • Prize-linked money account, designed for your everyday saving, i.e. for short-term saving goals (this is not a savings account provided by a bank. It is an e-money account provided by Modulr FS Limited under its EMI licence, and where the money is safeguarded at the Bank of England)
  • Save in a piggy bank with spot topups
  • Level up, boost your status and achieve rewards
  • Daily Raffle: guaranteed daily prizes!
  • Million Lotto: win £1,000,000!
  • Wheel of fortune: win virtual coins to play more!

What we are working on

  • Pool Play, playing with friends has never been easier
  • Save and get rewarded, plus boost your savings when you shop
  • Save towards a specific goal
  • Track your saving progress like in a fitness app
  • Make recurring topups towards your piggy bank
  • Pause and restart your recurring topups

What we are exploring

  • A suite of saving products (easy access, notice accounts) in partnership with a third-party UK bank
  • A suite of prize-linked personal finance products
  • New and exciting games
  • More and more to come, stay tuned
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